The RLC Experience

However you choose to engage with RLC, we are committed to:

Focus solely and completely on the individual practices of your call center.
Learn quickly through efficient research to assimilate seamlessly to your business culture.
Adapt to the changing world of your business with on-the fly-flexibility.

Make the complex simple

Provide honest assessments, feedback and recommendations you can trust.
Give balanced recommendations that will impact employees at all levels of your business.
Operate with integrity and transparency.

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Products and Services

RLC offers two tiers of products and services. ■ The first is seminars and training. These are typically one to four day on-site engagements where leaders are trained on a variety of performance enhancing methods and strategies. You can implement these products yourself, or opt for a full-service program taught and implemented by an RLC consultant. ■ The second area is customized consulting. We begin with information gathering (surveys, etc.) followed by a set of consulting recommendations with action plans for implementation. Our recommendations are customized to the culture of your call center, leveraging the strengths and opportunities you already have in place.

“Providing honest assessments, feedback and recommendations you can trust.”
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